Highlights of the amendments made:

1. *Survey Act* – seal can now be electronic.

2. *Stamp duty Act* – stamp duty can now be stamped electronically.

3. *Land Registration Act, Registration of Documents Act, Kenya Information and Communications Act, Law of Contracts Act* – electronic signatures recognized.

4. *Companies Act* – seal no longer required; execution of documents by advising seal abolished; bearer bonds abolished; threshold for squeezing-in and selling-out of shares in a company to control is revised from 50% to 90%.

5. *Land Registration Act* – amendment removes the need for land rate and land rates clearance certificates before registration of an instrument of transfer of interest in land.

5. *Insolvency Act* – the court shall take into consideration the perishability of a movable asset and whether or not the movable asset is being used to maintain the company as a going concern before lifting a moratorium to protect secured creditors rights by providing clear grounds for relief from the stay within a specified time limit; Creditor requests for information to be processed in 5 days.

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