Real Estate and Property Law

Our firm boasts extensive experience and specialized knowledge in handling all aspects of property and land transactions within Kenya. Moreover, our global alliances enable us to provide counsel and consultation on real estate and property law matters beyond our national borders.

Conveyancing and Real Estate Law

Our conveyancing practice is focused on the following areas:


  • Preparation and registration of a wide range of securities for banks and other financial institutions including but not limited to Deeds of Guarantee and Indemnity, Pledges, Letters of Hypothecation, Charges, Debentures, and Chattels Mortgages.
  • Legal support in drafting and negotiation of Islamic Finance agreements for Sharia-compliant financial institutions.
  • Conducting legal due diligence on the entities/parties to the various transactions as well as on the properties of the subject matter of the transactions at the various Lands’ Registries in the country and at the Survey Office of Kenya. 
  • Preparation and registration of instruments that convey proprietary interests from one party to another such as Transfers, Conveyances, and Assignments. 
  • Structuring sale and purchase of real estate developments commercial and residential­ including formation of joint venture vehicles and amalgamation and sub-division of land, rectification of titles, processing of new titles and/or registration of long-term leases, formation of management companies and liaison with project finance partners including Banks and other providers of capital.
  •  Negotiation and preparation of short and long-term commercial leases and licenses for commercial and residential properties.
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