Melanie Odundo

Melanie Odundo



Melanie is a lawyer who holds a Bachelor of Law degree from the University of Nairobi. In addition, she is currently pursuing accreditation in Mediation from the Mediation Training Institute of East Africa.

With her avid knowledge in the Commercial Law sphere, she has engaged in numerous Banking Securities transactions including the registration and preparation of various security instruments and general legal agreements among others. Further to this she has also equipped herself in the conveyancing field for various residential and commercial developments, as well as having a proper legal grasp on aspects involving transfer and ownership of land.

Melanie in addition to her expertise in the commercial field, she has also participated in numerous litigation briefs that have enabled her to sharpen her skills in the department. She has shown her

Passion for the legal profession and continues to be motivated to provide innovative legal solutions and make a positive impact on the firm.


Notable Assignments

The first job is an Associate with Amely law firm practicing in risk management litigation in 1992. Since 2011 , he has served as the Practice Group Leader at our law firm with thoroughness