Litigation and Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR)

At OMCA, we are alive to the wide range of disputes that will arise in the course of socio-economic engagement, ranging from commercial to family and individual disputes.

We are well equipped with the skills to assist our clients resolve such disputes both through litigation as well as other alternative forms of dispute resolution.


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Commercial Litigation and ADR

We have been involved in complex litigation and alternative dispute resolution in a wide array of matters ranging from disputes arising from commercial agreements, lending and financing activities, Public Procurement, Competition and Anti-Trust matters, Employment and Tax Disputes.

Our team is well trained in Alternative Dispute Resolution mechanisms such as mediation and has participated in several court-ordered and privately initiated mediation sessions with excellent results.

Tax Advisory and Dispute Resolution

As the Tax regime in Kenya evolves, we at OMCA continue to increase our expertise with a view to supporting and advising our clientele on Tax related issues affecting their businesses. Our team comprises of experienced professionals in Tax Advisory, Corporate Finance and Strategy.

We offer advisory services in Risk Management, Regulatory Compliance and Strategic Tax Planning.

Labour and Employment Disputes

We offer advisory services to both employers and employees, with the aim of addressing the various issues arising out of the employer-employee relationship. We offer consultancy services in the formulation and implementation of Employee Policy Manuals, Recruitment, Contract drafting, Re-structure and Re-organization as well as Legal Termination of employment.

We equally offer support in ensuring cooperation between Trade Unions and Employers by participating and advising in the negotiation of Collective Bargaining Agreements.

Our focus is to ensure that Employees bolster the growth of the Employer’s business and that Employers respect and observe Employee rights.

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